Yesterday, I wore my Coming Soon denim trench coat. This is the same one my Mom wore on her blog. Luckily, we have the same style so we can share some of our treasured pieces every now and then. Coming Soon is Yohji Yamamoto's now defunct defusion line which was produced entirely in Italy. I was quite lucky to get this before it got sold out from an online store. I love its versatility. You can wear it the normal way or if you're experimental like me you can wear it inside-out which in fact looks more interesting and eye-catchy in my opinion. Pairing it with a tee and jeans makes it look more casual, relaxed and street. 
Top - Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto denim trench coat (worn inside-out) + Raf Simons tee / Bottom - Dior Homme waxed denim 19cm
Footwear - YSL Jonny boots


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