It's been unbearably hot here in the tropics for the last few weeks. So wearing tank tops and short shorts is like second skin. Yesterday, I finally wore my twisted Anti Utopia tank top. It has been sitting in my closet for awhile now so I'm glad it resurrected from its grave! Believe me it's the perfect top for this scorchingly warm summer here in Manila. It's super presko. Anyway, I paired it with my favorite short shorts and gladiator sandals. I found this pretty cool Margiela twisted fabric bag last week. It's a great companion for leisurely walks since it's pretty weightless. The only downside is security since it doesn't have any zippers nor buttons. Although you can wrap it around your body to keep your stuff stable while using it. Yes, It may not be the safest bag to use here in Manila specially if you have all your pricey gadgets and 1,000 pesos scattered in your bag! But I just couldn't let it go! So I had to buy it. Yesterday I had to be extra cautious by only carrying daily essentials like some change and my cheap-ass Blackberry phone. Nothing more, nothing less. And I'm glad I arrived home with everything still in my bag! 
Top - Anti Utopia tank / Bottom - Chai short shorts / Footwear - V Ave Shoe Repair gladiator sandals
Accessories - MM6 Maison Martin Margiela fabric body bag


  1. Mmm I love that bag! Is Manila that unsafe?

    1. well it depends on where you go. but lately i've been hearing all these horror stories from my friends. that's why i'm extra careful whenever i go out. i mean you won't see me toting a louis vuitton or something while crossing the street or waiting for a ride. you will literally get mugged by a robber riding a motorbike. it happened to a number of my friends just this year. que horror!!!!

  2. Really like this tank & I wonder if they do a ladies equivalent.


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