I don't know but lately somehow I have been drawn to looser and baggier silhouettes. I wonder if age has something to do with my fascination with more laid-back and bohemian ensembles. Don't worry you won't see me in maxi dresses, flamboyant tie-dye full-length skirts nor overkill overcoats with feathers anytime soon. Today, I wore a pair of Y's wide-leg trousers. It was a gift from my friend Monika who recently arrived from Japan. It has a pretty interesting structure. Unfortunately, these photos don't do much justice to its exaggerated pointy shape. When viewed sideways, its J-shape becomes more transparent. In other words, its width is more apparent on the side view than the front view unlike most wide-leg pants out there. Of course, only Yohji can come up with unexpected bizarre shapes other than Rei and Issey. 
 Top - V Ave Shoe Repair multi pocket shirt + Monki asymmetrical muscle tee
Bottom - Y's by Yohji Yamamoto wide-leg trousers / Footwear - Givenchy cut-out brogues
Accessories - Celine luggage tote

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