Everyone is frightened of aging. I know I am. But I suppose our fear of growing old and alone has somewhat diminished thanks to science and technology! Now we can take advantage of the best age-defying products out there that can reduce our wrinkles and avoid those unwanted laugh lines and crow's feet. If all else fails, then, there's always the magic of photoshop which can undoubtedly make us look like teenagers again. No questions asked. Just utilize it in moderation and everything should be perfectly fine!
Today, I wanted to translate my wrinkles into my outfit. So I paired my Comme des Garcons deconstructed shirt with a vintage wrinkled bowtie from Issey Miyake. 
Top - Comme des Garcons Shirt deconstructed button-down / Bottom Comme des Garcons dropcrotch trousers
Accessories - Damir Doma fez hat + Issey Miyake bowtie / Footwear - Givenchy cut-out brogues

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