Channeling my inner Middle Eastern past life. Here I'm wearing my fez hat from Damir Doma which I got several seasons ago paired with a beautiful vintage Issey Miyake pleated button-down. It's the perfect summer shirt since it's so light and wrinkle-free. Well, it's supposed to be wrinkled since it's from Issey Miyake, right? Another thing that I love about this shirt is that it's so low-maintenance. Wash and wear! No need to iron or anything. It's the perfect thing to take with you when you're traveling and no time to iron your shirts. Frankly, I cannot remember the last time I have ironed my shirts. 
Top - Issey Miyake pleated shirt / Alternative Apparel long dress / Bottom - V Ave Shoe Repair twisted trousers
Footwear - Converse Chuck Taylors lo's / Accessories - Klasica leather bracelet / Damir Doma fez hat

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