Last year I discovered Nico Uytterhaegen's label while perusing the massive Tranoi trade fair. And since then, I have been a huge fan of this avant garde brand from Belgium. This season Nico Uytterhaegen shared his space with Rigards, a sweet new eyewear label based in Hong Kong.
I was extremely excited to see their showroom because they had some pretty cool installations all throughout the space. I felt like I was in a museum while browsing their stuff. On the ground floor, visitors like me got the opportunity to experience Nico Uytterhaegen's fragrance line. I even got to take home one for myself as a present from Nico. Then, at the basement of the gallery, you can find both the latest collections from Nico Uytterhaegen and Rigards. 
For this particular season, Nico expanded his line by adding some cool leather jackets which you can manipulate by bending the wires discreetly attached to the leather. Pretty cool idea, huh? Also, I noticed that there are so many different styles of bags this season than in the past. I particularly adore the "Janus" collection where he mixed leather with metal. Another interesting piece from this collection are the versatile backpacks which you can transform into messenger bags. Nico was kind enough to model these pieces for me. So many gorgeous leather pieces hitting next summer...
 For more info on Nico Uytterhaegen please visit www.nicouytterhaegen.be.

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