Back when I was still in Manila requesting for invitations for Paris Fashion Week, I came across Rigards, an emerging eyewear label based in Hong Kong. I was so intrigued with their pieces that I had to make sure that I see it in person while I was in Paris. So I emailed them right away and luckily its creator Ti Kwa was gracious enough to invite me to their party in collaboration with Belgian designer Nico Uytterhaegen and Stylezeitgeist magazine. 
When I arrived to the party, I hurriedly went downstairs to check out their collection and was instantly blown away with their beautiful spectacles. I couldn't stop myself from trying on their eyewear made from high quality horn. And then suddenly, someone approached me and politely introduced himself to me. I sort of blushed because it turned out it was the designer himself. And guess what? He even remembered my name. 
I knew I had to go back again to the gallery so I can meticulously examine the glasses up-close and possibly order something for myself. I also got a chance to talk more with Ti regarding the concept of Rigards and their recent collab with Thamanyah. After going nuts trying on several different pairs at the showroom, I ended up ordering a couple of pairs since I couldn't decide which ones to get. I am hoping that I am not starting a new addiction once I get my hands on these fine pieces of epic art eyewear! 
Below you will see how every single pair is being made. I like that they utilize natural horn free from any treatment of some sort. Rest assured every single piece is handcrafted with love and care by the best artisans in Hong Kong. There's a reason why only the best optical stores and concept boutiques carry Rigards! 
For more info on this cool eyewear check out www.rigards.com.

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