Lately, I am drawn to simpler, more masculine pieces like this bomber jacket from Belgian designer Cedric Jacquemyn which I got in Cologne last month. I love its simplicity and close attention to minute details such as the knitted cuffs and waistband. I had to size up to achieve the perfect relaxed fit. Since the jacket looked kind of heavy already, I paired it with my Obscur tank with a low-neckline to show a little bit of skin. Somehow the pairing kind of worked. It looked sexy but still restrained in my opinion. 
Top - Cedric Jacquemyn bomber jacket via Weekday + Obscur asymmetrical tank via Darklands
Bottom - MA_Julius trousers via Tabo / Footwear - Prada riding boots via Prada
Accessories - Ann Demeulemeester leather business card holder via LN-CC + Nico Uytterhaegen belt via Tabo

Photos by Anton Aguila

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