Last summer, I randomly bumped into Riccardo, one of the masterminds behind the concept boutique Tabo in Desenzano, quite a number of times during the menswear festivities. In one of our conversations, I mentioned that I would be exploring Italy for almost a month. Since Desenzano is quite close to Milano, he encouraged me to visit his lovely city while I'm in the area. And I'm glad I did.

When I arrived to Desenzano, I checked in to the cozy bed and breakfast place chosen by Riccardo and Nicola. After an indulgent long refreshing shower, got myself together and paid my hospitable hosts a visit. Riccardo excitedly toured me around their spectacular space while I oggled at their awesome merchandise and cool digs. I was like a little kid in this adult candy store. The owners pretty much designed the boutique themselves and handpicked everything you see inside its four-cornered room. Tabo's modern and chic interiors perfectly complements its well-curated list of avant garde designers that includes Rick Owens, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Gareth Pugh, Julius, Nico Uytterhaegen, Barbara I Gongini and Area di Barbara Bologna to name a few. While I was there, I got a chance to try on some of the pieces and scrutinize it closely. Also, Riccardo schooled me to a handful of interesting designers whom I have not encountered in the past. I love discovering new designers and stalking their work. Indeed, Tabo is more than just a boutique. It's an experience. With more than ten years of retail expertise under their belts, Riccardo Betoni and Nicola Tononi are fountains of knowledge. Imagine what their closets look like! It's probably heaven on Earth!

Top - random tank / Bottom - Damir Doma shorts / Footwear - Krisvanassche
Accessories - Ann Demeulemeester leather orb pendant + Damir Doma hat + Klasica leather bracelet

Special thanks to Riccardo and Nicola for the hospitality, generosity and most of all, the friendship. My trip to Italy wouldn't be memorable without my detour to your charming little quaint city. See you guys next year and hopefully I get to visit you again in the future. Also, thanks for hooking me up with my first Boris piece! I totally love it.

For more information on Tabo check out tabostore.it!

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