When I was in Copenhagen I got a chance to visit the Aleksandr Manamis showroom thanks to Erick Valencia. Stay tuned for my exclusive tour of the Manamis HQ in Copenhagen on a separate post. Anyway, as cheesy as it sounds I wanted to have something special from Manamis as sort of a remembrance so I ended up getting their infamous Siamese shirt. It's one of their signature pieces that they have season after season. I'm not particularly sure from which season my shirt is from. Obviously, I haven't cut off the sleeves of my shirt yet because I'm still undecided of the length. And I wanted to give you guys an idea of what it looks like when I first acquired the shirt. So watch out for my future blog post showing my shirt's metamorphosis.
Top - Aleksandr Manamis "Siamese" shirt via Tabo / Bottom - Aleksandr Manamis dropcrotch trousers via Tabo
Accessories - Damir Doma hat via LN-CC / Footwear - Damir Doma sandals via LN-CC

Photos by Juan Lorenzo Abiba

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