Growing up denim played a big part of my so-called "fashion awakening". Baggy jeans, acid washed jean jacket, Bareback Mountain-inspired denim longsleeves were some of my earlier fashion "must-haves". It was my default outfit choice whenever I was uninspired and did not feel like dressing up. For the record, before I got into the whole dark-style way of dressing I was literally obsessed with denim in the beginning of my fashion experimentation back in 2005 til about 2008. In fact, I still have a pretty good selection of denim tucked somewhere in my closet. Unfortunately, before I returned to Manila in 2009 I had to get rid of a shitload of stuff. But I'm glad I kept some of my favorite pieces like my Diors, APCs, April 77s, Number (N)ines among other things. 

Lately, I have been resurrecting my neglected denim collection mixing it with contemporary and other vintage pieces. When I was in Berlin visiting friends, I was extremely stoked when I found a dark denim cardigan from one of my favorite designers, Christophe Lemaire, Hermes's Creative Director, at the Weekday store. And to make it even better, it was on sale at 75% off the original price. It was my lucky day, indeed! Since then, it has become one of my staples just to shoo away those misconceptions about me always wearing black. Yes, I still love my black and white ensembles but now I'm more open to colors. Well, some colors. Don't expect to see me rocking some tangerine orange or cotton candy pink anytime soon. Well, perhaps in Halloween? Lol.

The dropcrotch trousers was one of the things I picked up for a friendly price at the Aleksandr Manamis showroom. Thank you Erick for hooking me up! I guess it's one of the perks you get when you're chummy chummy with everyone. I totally adore these trousers. The stitching detail and loose threads all over the pants make this piece really special.
Top - Christophe Lemaire denim cardigan + Weekday button-down shirt via Weekday / Bottom - Aleksandr Manamis drop-crotch via Tabo
Accessories - V Ave Shoe Repair leather coin pouch via VASR + Klasica leather bracelent / Footwear - Damir Doma sandals via LN-CC

Photo by Juan Lorenzo Abiba

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