Since Halloween is just around the corner I decided to get one of those crazy hair art. Why not? And besides my hair grows quite rapidly. Since I couldn't decide exactly what I wanted I gave my hairstylist liberty to play with my hair. So he butched it up by layering the sides and created some sort of hair art! He intentionally did some asymmetrical cuts to make it supposedly "cool" like the uneven sideburns and the diagonal hair outlines. Don't worry guys I will head back to him in a couple of weeks for a more discreet butch and less ghetto-inspired hairdo!
Top - Alternative Apparel ratty tank + Dries Van Noten waistcoat via LN-CC / Bottom - Comme des Garcons man skirt via Farfetch
Accessories - Ann Demeulemeester card holder via LN-CC / Footwear - Rick Owens sneakers via LN-CC

Photo by Juan Lorenzo Abiba

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