My trip to Italy wouldn't be possible without visiting Arcola, a small city located in the Ligurian region. This is where my good friend and brilliant designer Barbara Bologna resides. Several months before my trip to Europe I randomly met Barbara through Facebook. She apparently had been following my blog for quite some time and wanted to connect with me. So she added me on Facebook. Little did I know that it was the beginning of our friendship. Anyway, when I told her that I will be spending my summer in Europe, she warmly invited me to her lovely hood. Since I never really got a chance to experience the Italian lifestyle during my first trip to Italy with my folks back in 2009 I figured why not visit again. And besides there is so much to see in Italy. 

Visiting the quaint city of Arcola was absolutely one of the highlights of my European trip because I got to spend quality time with Barbara and Andrea, Barbara's uber sweet assistant. I learned so much from these guys just by hanging out at their inspiring showroom which was my home for several days. Waking up surrounded by beauty was indeed an experience I wouldn't forget. Not to mention all the mouth-watering food they fed me while I was staying with them. I seriously don't know how people manage to stay slim in Italy considering the food is so good. Just thinking about it now makes me crave for some focaccia and gelato. Indeed, I am just beyond grateful that Barbara's path and mine have crossed.

Stay tuned for exclusive photos of Barbara's showroom and some of the Italian food I sampled while I was in Arcola. 

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