Earlier this year, while I was busy preparing for my annual trip to Europe for Fashion Week, I met Italian designer Barbara Bologna randomly on Facebook. Who would have thought that our accidental meeting would turn into friendship. Initially, I wanted to revisit Eastern Europe but later on changed my mind when Barbara invited me to her lovely hometown. Frankly, I was not familiar with the magical Cinque Terre, a rugged portion of the coast on the Italian Riviera but thanks to wikipedia I found out everything I wanted to know about this picturesque paradise. The breathtakingly beautiful Ligurian region was absolutely one of the highlights of my European trip. Delectable local cuisine, spectacular views and shiny happy locals, what else could anyone ask for? I had a fabulous time hanging out with Barbara and Andrea. Indeed, it was tough packing up my bags and hopping on the train to Florence. But when you are traveling you have to keep on moving. That's one of the things I learned through several years of backpacking.

Anyway, here are some Iphoto snaps I took while bumming around Barbara's inspiring space. While staying there, I got a chance to play dress-up with Barbara and unapologetically took Guidi shoeporn snaps. I also had the opportunity to check out pieces from her archive and her upcoming Fall/Winter 2013 collection. And of course, I did not leave without picking up a few pieces for myself! 

A massive thanks to Barbara and Andrea for taking care of me while I was in Italy. Also, thanks for all the insightful words of wisdom. You are a lovely creature inside out Barbara! Good times indeed! I cannot wait to visit you guys again! 

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