As I get older somehow my style has become tamer and tamer compared to those days where you would see me rock those crazy conceptual Margielas or Commes. Now, more often than not, you'll see me running around wearing a black tank and a pair of distressed denims. But of course, once in awhile I still enjoy dressing up and having some real fun. Besides life is too short to take it so seriously!
FYI, the APCs I'm wearing is like seven years old. I've had it since 2006 I think. I have washed it just a few times, hence, the almost perfect distressing. I abused it for a year and a half before its monumental first wash. And now I have been wearing it almost everyday. I am absolutely addicted to raw denim. I need to get another pair when I get to Paris this summer. But this time I want to share the experience with someone so it's more memorable. As cheesy as it sounds buying matching raw denims with someone is undeniably sexier than getting a pair of rings don't you think?

Top - Zam Barrett tank / Bottom - A.P.C. New Cure raw denim / Footwear - Ann Demeulemeester combat boots

Photos by Juan Lorenzo Abiba

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