Another year wiser indeed! Last week I celebrated my birthday wearing this dramatic yet chic ribbon shirt from Bangkok menswear label Anti Utopia which my boutique Unisex Rewind carries. I love how versatile this shirt is. You can practically style the ribbon several ways to achieve various looks. So it's like buying different shirts for the price of one! 
This year I opted for a very simple birthday celebration. The day before my birthday I had lunch at Lugang Cafe with my family and a few close friends. And then for my birthday dinner I spent it with someone dear to my heart at Green Pastures. Then, a few days after, my special someone took me to Van Gogh is Bipolar to experience their lovely dinner feast. Overall, I had a really memorable birthday week. Special shout-out to everyone who greeted me on my big day. You guys are awesome! 
Hopefully, next year I'll be celebrating it somewhere else for a change! 
Top - Anti Utopia ribbon shirt / Bottom - V Ave Shoe Repair baggy trousers / Footwear - Ann Demeulemeester combat boots

All photos by Juan Lorenzo Abiba

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