On my last night in Hong Kong I met up with my good friend from Manila to do some catching up and more unnecessary shopping. Since he frequents this shopping mecca he took me to a few of his favorite spots. I ended up picking up this lovely one-sleeved wool coat from local brand Lykelihood at one of the supermalls in  Tsim Tsa Tsui. I love the versatility of this asymmetrical coat. Too bad the weather in Manila is too warm for outfits like this. I absolutely need to travel more so I can put all my winter clothes to good use.
Top - Lykelihood wool coat + Raf Simons wool pullover + Zam Barrett cotton tank / Bottom - Dior Homme raw denims
Footwear - Ann Demeulemeester combat boots / Accessories - Celine luggage tote

Photos by Coco

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