I discovered Campbell Cole during London Fashion Week at the London Collections: Men showroom at Victoria House. After seeing their well-curated display, I knew I had to know more about this new premium leather luxury brand. This is their second collection to date. Designers Ian Campbell Cole and Felicity Baggett graciously showed me their latest collections that harmoniously combines sleek design and effortless functionality. Campbell Cole primarily has two collections namely the Annex Collection, a selection of utility bags fit for your everyday life, and the Simple Collection, a range of accessories designed to carry your daily essentials such as keys, change and business cards. Made from the finest Italian leather, each piece undergoes meticulous manufacturing techniques such as embossing, hand stitching and edge inking to ensure optimum quality. 
Aside from the minimalist design and fine craftsmanship of the bags, I am particularly fond of Campbell Cole's smart compartment lay-out. It absolutely makes organizing an art form and not a painful process! Indeed, I'm excited to see how the brand evolves in the next coming seasons. Stay tuned to get updates from this covetable leather company!
For more information head to www.campbellcole.co.uk.

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