I almost missed the John Varvatos show. But I'm glad I made it just in time since surprisingly it was one of my favorite shows in Milan. 
The sartorial "Industrial Revolution" meets grungy "Hollywood Rock and Roll" feel of the entire collection totally won me over. The garments, in general, have a worn-in vintage-y vibe that somehow gives it more character. The clothes are perfect for tall and lanky guys since most of the pieces such as the jackets and trousers are cut pretty close to the body. The collection's cohesive neutral palette makes mixing and matching a no-brainer. John Varvatos threw in some interesting rough textures and exotic animal prints to the collection to break the monotony. Some of the standout pieces were the asymmetrical jackets, three-piece suits, slim-fitting blazers with adorable rosettes, tailored tuxedos, Napoleon coats and perfecto jackets. Most of the ensembles were styled with a variety of scarves.
For more information head to www.johnvarvatos.com.

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