This CDGHP blazer with air cool fabric at the back was the perfect match for the hot hot weather in Milano! Paired it with my new maroon tank from German designer Marten Viertel and my trusty Bless giant shorts which I still love after all these years. Lately, I have been obsessed with baggy trousers. And these conceptual ones from Bless are absolutely my favorite ones! It looks like a skirt from a distance but it's actually a pair of oversized shorts. Both my Mom and I couldn't get enough of clutch bags these days. I love the concept of portability and functionality. What's the point of having big bags if they're half full, right? These chic envelope ones from Balenciaga is the perfect size. It comes in pretty handy during fashion week. Throw in your daily essentials and show invites. And you're good to go! No need to carry-on those ridiculous heavy man bags!
Top - Comme des Garçons Homme Plus polka dot blazer + Marten Viertel maroon tank / Bottom - Bless giant shorts 
Accessories - Balenciaga clutch + Izzue hat + Ann Demeulemeester horse hair pendant / Footwear - Maison Martin Margiela sneakers / Eyewear - Rigards spectacles

Photos by Onin Lorente

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