One of my fondest discoveries at the Void Showroom in Paris is Latvian conceptual label Mareunrol’s. Recently hailed as one of the 200 Emerging Designers from all over the world by Vogue Italia, this exciting menswear label is currently getting much deserved attention thanks to their innovative modern designs and superb storytelling technique. Mareunrol's design tandem Mārīte Mastiņa and Rolands Pēterkops oftentimes utilize elaborate production designs, video projections, art installations and artsy-fartsy photography to effectively relay the story of their collections.

After seeing Mareunrol’s latest collection entitled “Episode 4: The Map Man” I am not surprised why the relatively young label from Riga is all of a sudden gaining interest from the fashion world. Drawing inspiration from various cartographic maps, the designers explores man's fascination with the world. The duo unapologetically injects humor to their latest lookbook which chronicles a seemingly lost explorer with a map literally shoved against his face. The theme is quite relatable because at some point in our lives we need to stop with whatever we are doing and figure out our reference point in this big jungle we call life. And eventually decide the path we want to trek. Of course, we all need maps to usher us along the right direction. Take note that it’s inevitable that we get lost during our journey since in getting lost we find ourselves.

Anyway, the collection, in general, has a youthful appeal and playful sportswear vibe. Classic staples have been updated with cool funky details. The proportions are generally oversized and relaxed as if the garments are just hanging off the body. The color palette of the collection is mostly neutrals with contrasting vivid colors such as chocolate brown and teal discreetly concealed underneath the lapels and the seams. Layering plays a big part in achieving the Mareunrol’s look. Mixing and matching comes out naturally since the basic pieces are mostly monochromatic. Eye-catching prints for this season feature vivid cartographic maps of Syria for the shirts and a collage of different cities in Europe for the scarves. Patchwork is handsomely incorporated to a big chunk of the collection as seen on the shirts, button-downs, coats and trousers. Notable pieces from the collection include paneled drop crotch trousers, baggy shorts, structured coats, boxy bomber jackets and oversized pullovers with dropped shoulders. Another favorite is a versatile double layer trench coat which can be brilliantly worn into different ways, thus, making it the perfect all-year-round jacket! Detachable snaps strategically placed on the garments enables the innovative morphing mechanism. Everything from the collection except for the denim is locally produced in Lithuania. 

Without a doubt, Mareunrol's is one of the freshest labels to come from the Baltic region. Lets keep an eye on this conceptual brand. My gut tells me that Mareunrol's has a lot of tricks in store for everyone! I will be eagerly waiting Mārīte and Rolands!
Images courtesy of Mareunrol’s

Special shout-out to Esben Blegvad for inviting me to the Void showroom and Mareunrol’s Rolands Pēterkops for passionately showing me the fantastic collection.

For more information go to www.mareunrols.com.

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