There's no doubt that my favorite show in Milano was Tillman Lauterbach's "Objects of Ordinary Madness" collection. From the boxy silhouettes to the trompe l'oeil prints, I absolutely love everything about this wearable collection with an urban edge and youthful feel. The collection was largely inspired by Joel Shapiro's exhibition in New York which featured sculptures crafted from cheap plywood and randomly sprayed on top. By infusing Shapiro's concept to this collection, Lauterbach created garments that looked polished (tailoring) and raw (finishing) at the same time. 
The genius Samuel Drira, the man behind Encens magazine, did the styling for the show. No wonder every single look from the collection was perfectly executed. For this particular collection, Lauterbach collaborated with Rigards for head-turning eyewear and Achilles Ion Gabriel for utilitarian footwear. Also, this season the Tillmann Lauterbach classic cap was reintroduced with a quirky super-sized brill in various shades. And Santa if you're reading this the adorable funky hat and the grey neoprene tee are absolutely on top of my Christmas wish list! Thank you in advance!
For more info check out www.tillmannlauterbach.com.

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