Boris Bidjan Saberi is one of the few labels that I have been closely following since its inception. It is quite amazing how the Barcelona-based brand has evolved from a relatively unknown conceptual dark-style brand into a covetable luxury designer label. Without a doubt, its affordable, more casual sportswear diffusion 11 line has opened new doors, new opportunities. I'm not surprised that the goth ninja, post-apocalyptic look is more accessible and prevalent now compared to five or ten years ago thanks to Rick and Boris who pioneered this trend.

The latest collection from BBS brought back memories of his earlier works. Leather-laden ensembles dominated the runway. Leather was incorporated to the collection in a way that makes the ensembles look provocative yet still very masculine. I also love the rustic feel of the treated leather. It somewhat gives the pieces more character, more personality. Based on my experience, leather articles look better with age. The more beat up it gets, the better it looks. My favorite pieces from Saberi's latest collection are the holster-like fitted waistcoats and the leather harnesses. Those utilitarian leather swim caps are pretty dope as well. I wouldn't mind wearing those even if I don't even know how to swim.

What I love about Saberi's work is its unquestionable wearability. Although a handful of pieces are conspicuously conceptual and perhaps made for catwalk purposes to create a mood for the collection, but, in general, most articles can be effortlessly translated into the street. Of course, a little bit of swagger helps to make the look more authentic and believable. I can totally see a modern-day Han Solo rocking some of the pieces from this collection. 

Now, take a peek of what menswear fashion would be like in the not-so-distant-future. Definitely something we can all look forward to seeing more not just on the runway but on the street as well! Bravo to another memorable and inspiring collection Boris!
For more info check out www.borisbidjansaberi.com.

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