Hats off to the Saint Laurent PR team for taking care of International Press like me. I was initially given a standing ticket but on the day of the show I was upgraded to a seated one. Everyone knows that Saint Laurent is one of the toughest shows to get into. So frankly, just getting invited to the show was already beyond amazing. Getting a seat was just an icing on the cake let alone sitting across rock legend Lenny Kravitz who looked absolutely debonair in head-to-toe Saint Laurent.

Hedi Slimane, the creative director of Saint Laurent, is probably one of the reasons why I got hooked on fashion. His glory days at Dior Homme was sort of my fashion awakening transitioning from a trippy hipster into a full-pledged metrosexual. I can still remember my very first raw MIJ (Made in Japan) denim I purchased at full retail price at the Dior Homme boutique in Beverly Hills. At that time, I was obsessed with anything raw denim. And acquiring a Dior Homme denim was the same feeling as purchasing something at a Rolex dealership. 

The collection is still a continuation of Hedi's ongoing infatuation with rock and roll infused with Americana and bohemia. Intricate embroidery, bejeweled embellishments, hipster super skinny jeans, exotic animal prints, oversized ponchos, peasant dresses, relaxed cowboy shirts, tailored Napoleon coats and tailcoats predictably ruled the Saint Laurent runway. Nothing extraordinary though except fine craftsmanship and luxurious materials for people with discriminating taste. 

Again, special shout-out to the Saint Laurent team for allowing me to experience the show of one of the reasons why I started a blog in the first place. Who knew that one day I would end up in a Hedi show and yes in Paris of all places! Indeed, anything is possible.

For more info on Saint Laurent go to www.ysl.com.

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