I almost missed the Cedric Jacquemyn exhibition due to a previous engagement. But thanks to my sprinting prowess I was able to make it just before they started packing-up. Plus I got the opportunity to have an engaging chat with both designer Cedric Jacquemyn and art director Yves de Brabander about the new collection. Yves de Brabander also happens to be the man responsible for all the thought-provoking Cedric Jacquemyn photography and short films which I have been ardently following ever since I have discovered the brand ages ago.

Belgian designer Cedric Jacquemyn's latest collection draws inspiration from the lost tribes of the Amazon. There are at least 70 groups living in voluntary isolation scattered throughout the rainforest. Their decision to ostracize themselves from the other tribes is the result of the harsh realities of invasion and deforestation. Through this collection, Jacquemyn raises awareness of these people's existence to avoid their possible extinction. 

Strong symbolic references from these uncontacted tribes were explicitly presented at the exhibition. Bound and gagged mannequins dressed in black mirrored the unheard voices of these people. Contrasting fabrics were deliberately utilized to show the conflicts arising between them and their assailants. Patterns were generally sharp and modern with raw, organic and relaxed finishing. The pieces, in general, have that lived-in look. Aside from the men's collection, Jacquemyn finally released an equally beautiful womenswear line focusing on sharp tailoring.
For more information on this Belgian brand go to www.cedricjacquemyn.be.

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