Tokyo-based label Christian Dada debuted in Paris last June. The cherry blossom-inspired collection by Masanori Morikawa showcased the Japanese designer’s keen eye for detail. 

A poignant live piano performance set the perfect ambiance for Morikawa's latest collection. Then, as the music builds up, an army of skinny, androgynous, emo-looking, long-haired, tattooed models clad in jet black gender-bending ensembles, including corset-type tops, mock Chanel suit combo and a leather jacket moto jacket with one sleeve, took over the stage. Then, it gradually transitioned to a series of black and white numbers that included vivid prints and fully-embellished garments. The succeeding looks featured graphic cherry blossom prints and pink leatherware.

Indeed, Morikawa took the gothic punk trend to haute couture levels looking at the first-rate DIY craftsmanship feel of the entire collection. The amount of labor clocked into creating these works of art is good enough for a solo exhibition.

Without a doubt, Christian Dada is one of the shows I'm eagerly anticipating to watch next season! 
For more info on this label go to www.christiandada.jp.

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