The Kenzo show would have been a blockbuster hit if the rain did not intervene. When I stepped out of the door on my way to Kenzo's venue, I knew instantly that it was not going to be one of those pleasant sunny days. However, come rain or shine, I physically had to be at the Kenzo show. Ever since Humberto Leon and Carol Lim took over Kenzo, it has been one of the highlights of fashion week. For several seasons now, Kenzo has never failed to deliver thanks to their innovative show concepts and unusual locations. Fortunately, I was able to score another show ticket this season considering its high demand. Hands down Kenzo's ├╝ber cute miniature Eiffel tower trinkets gets the best show invitation this year.

When I arrived at the tightly secured Pont Alexandre III, I was ushered down towards my soaking wet seat. The Kenzo staff literally had to wipe down my seat before I settled down. Each guest was given a chic transparent umbrella with matching wet press release printed on acetate. Minutes later, the show had to commence even if the rain was still pouring due to the tight fashion week schedule. So, there I was, holding on to my dear camera and umbrella while capturing snippets of the show. Frenchified mannequins in the latest Kenzo gear descended from the bridge towards the runway as the rain continued to pour. Sadly, the Eiffel Tower was nowhere in sight due to the hundreds of umbrellas blocking the jaw-dropping backdrop.

Kenzo's latest collection pays homage to the millions of Parisians whose mode of dressing has inspired countless of people around the world. Their effortless, irreverent, sharp and undeniably cool style is instantaneously distinguishable and perennially emulated by everyone. No wonder Paris is universally regarded as the capital of fashion. And I'm pretty sure you have encountered the term Parisian chic which is quite self-explanatory. 

Graphic Breton stripes and quirky polka dot prints mixed with solids in Laduree-like shades dominated the runway. The playful collection somewhat exuded a retro future vibe. The outerwear were generally oversized while the pullovers were mostly body-hugging. Other Parisian references included pop-art images of the iconic Eiffel tower, Cosette from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Les Miserables and the Statue of Liberty which was gift from the people of France to the United States. And of course, lets not forget the absolutely adorable 2-D man bags and 80s sunnies which will be on every blogger's wish list next summer. Indeed, after digesting this collection, I realized that Leon and Lim are not just talented designers. They are also brilliant storytellers who translate their lucid dream into a visual spectacle. 

Head to www.kenzo.com for more info.

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