When Coco, my better half, and I were figuring out where to spend our summer vacation earlier this year, several options came up. And then, eventually, we narrowed it down between Morocco and Portugal. Upon deliberation, we finally agreed to go to Lisbon and Porto. Six years have passed since my last Lisbon escapade so a revisit was definitely long overdue. It was Coco's first trip to Portugal so I took the liberty to play the hot tour guide showing him my favorite places of interest. Of course, his visit would not be complete without experiencing the magical town of Sintra.

Sintra is particularly known for its several 19th century architectural structures. Because of this, it was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sintra is undeniably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. This charming town reminds me of those places you only read on story books. Indeed, the "happily ever after" adage does exist. I know because it happened to me. 

Check out my day trip rendezvous with my beloved Coco in the picturesque city of Sintra!

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