One of the many pleasures I look forward to every time I'm in Europe is sailing with my boyfriend and our friends around Paris. It is a delightful experience that I simply cherish. It is also a very therapeutic and relaxing escape after a long and exhausting workweek. No wonder my boyfriend has been living in a boat for over a decade now. It's definitely a very different lifestyle compared to the typical living habitat I have been accustomed to. Of course, it took me awhile to get used to it. 

The alternative boat lifestyle is definitely fun and exciting. But of course it has its downsides. In the beginning, the biggest challenge for me was the closet space since traveling light never existed in my vocabulary before. But eventually I was able to adjust and maximize whatever space that has been allotted to me. I should be ashamed that I occupy more than half of the closet space even if I'm only staying in Europe only a quarter of the entire year. Gradually, I am becoming more and more practical as time goes by, only pulling the trigger on things I actually need and letting go of things that I hardly use. Another matter of life and death issue was the bathroom which I would rather not discuss on my blog. But thanks to my ever reliable handyman handsome boyfie everything has been resolved prior to our last conversation. 

I absolutely can't wait to get reunited with Revolution soon! Living in a boat absolutely makes you appreciate the simple things in life like listening to the chirping of the birds and the relaxing waves during nighttime. For this, I'm eternally grateful to my one and only Coco for introducing me to his life aquatic world!

Here are some snaps of my boat life in France! Enjoy! 

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