For the first day of Fall/Winter 2015 Men's Paris Fashion Week, I took inspiration from religious vestments worn by priests. I layered two maxi coats from Korean designer Jehee Sheen. Got these runway pieces from the designer awhile back from one of my trips to Seoul. The ensemble also somewhat had a Matrix vibe. I always found Neo, the character Keanu Reeves played in that movie, extremely charismatic and stylish. I love the simplicity of the look although it was quite a challenge to wear. I literally had to lift it up everytime I had to take the stairs to avoid touching the dirty Parisian grounds. Indeed, it was not the most practical outfit whenever you are ascending and descending the metro! The things we do during fashion week!
Top - Jehee Sheen maxi wool coat + Jehee Sheen oversized wool vest / Bottom - Bruno Pieters wool trousers
Accessories - T.A.S. leather beanie + Dior Homme motorcycle tote + Damir Doma scarf + Kuboraum glasses
Footwear - Ann Demeuelemeester boots

Photos by Rayfux Re 

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