People come, people go. It’s a reality that everyone has to accept. But luckily there is a precious few who stick with you through thick and thin no matter what happens. And I’m glad to say that one of those people I treasure is Inna Ida Nechyporenko, a beautiful creature inside-out!

I can still recall my first encounter with Inna in Copenhagen back in 2012. At that time, she just recently moved there from Ukraine to continue modeling. Right from our very first meeting we clicked instantly. We spent the next following days together right to the very moment I had to take my night bus to Stockholm! The succeeding year I had the opportunity to visit her in Berlin where we spent a great deal discussing life and INNAN, her newly established jewelry line. I also got a chance to take a sneak peek at her early creations including a few collabs she did with avant-garde Swedish label Obscur. Early this year, she finally launched her own site showcasing her beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Barely two years old in the industry, Inna was recently featured on Vogue Ukraine. It looks like Inna is on a roll. Indeed, I couldn’t be any happier for the fruits of her labor. I truly believe that her innate talent and burning passion will take her to places. Only time will tell. In the meantime, read my tête-à-tête with Inna discussing her baby INNAN. Here she dishes out her mantra, her filing expertise, her last year's Christmas wish list, and even her crazy model life awakening.

What’s your jewelry philosophy? What best describes INNAN Jewellery? 
INNAN Jewellery is a mix of something raw, dark and ugly with some kind of a romantic and elegant touch. Beauty and the Beast. I find perfection boring that’s why my creative process doesn’t stop when I reach the typical final stage. When the object is ready, looks clean and polished, I always “destroy” it, until I find the result strange enough to like it. 
What kind of people usually wear your jewelry? 
Very different people wear my jewellery. On INNAN web-site there is a portrait Gallery, where every piece is represented by a person. Those are people, who either ordered jewels they portrayed wearing or they inspired me to a certain design. Personalities from all over the world with completely different history, preferences and age number are connected by a piece of INNAN universe. What also brings them together is a great self-confidence and passion of expressing themselves through powerful details.

How did you get into jewelry making? 
It’s a long story. Here's the gist of the story. I had a dream that turned into a goal that turned into my daily life. First time I practically experienced actual process of jewellery making was about three years ago. I wanted badly to learn goldsmithing and found a jewellery artist in Lviv, the western part of Ukraine, travelled there all the way from Copenhagen where I lived at that time and opened for myself a completely new exciting dimension. During those two weeks of internship, I got some very basic knowledge of metals and smithing techniques. Recently, after moving to Berlin, I started learning (jewelry making) from a professional German goldsmith. My teacher-mentor is just amazing! She never said something was impossible. Her and other people, who taught me all I know today, were great influences on my art and life in general. 

When did you realize you want to make jewelry for a living? 
In Paris, March of 2011. I had too much fun back then, I was modeling and experiencing all the benefits of exclusive lifestyle - beautiful in its destructive way and empty as it is. I was excited like never before. I was bored to death. I searched myself. I had so much to tell the world, but first I had to observe. There was a person who inspired me to explore the art of jewellery. Since that time, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and decided that it was what I had to learn, develop, grow inside of me and present to the universe. 
Who are your biggest influences as a designer? Who are your favorite designers? 
I appreciate minimalistic looks with some kind of absurd ridiculous happenings. Of course, Yamamoto, Raf Simons. The thing is I can find pieces I like among the collections of almost all fashion designers, it simply depends on my mood. Well, to be honest, I get more inspired from architecture and different objects, structures around me. 

What was the first piece of jewelry you have made with your own hands? How long did it take you to finish it? 
After making a simple ring at class (basically just soldering a piece of a silver wire), I brought a bunch of advanced pieces for the beginner sketches. My teacher was intrigued. She never said something was impossible to produce. Actually, a pair of male mechanical rings were the very first pieces made for avant-garde Swedish label Obscur. It was not easy in the beginning. It took me around three weeks or maybe even a month to develop samples and produce them in silver. 

How do you come up with the design whenever someone asks you to make a jewelry for them? What factors do you normally consider? 
I think about the person, how she or he looks like, what kind of energy comes from this person, what I find special about him or her. I could always read people pretty well (except when I am in love). I always have this abstract feeling. I kind of know what to make and then it’s like catching a thread in my mind and pulling it. I have so many ideas, there is always something hidden on the shelf waiting for an occasion. 
What is the most difficult part of jewelry making? 
Ok, my mentor still makes fun of me, because even now sometimes it’s not easy for me to file straight. Usually, the most complicated parts are the most exciting. For example, I enjoy working on samples a lot, developing the design and searching for the most suitable way to improve in life this or that idea. 

What are the most significant factors to consider when picking up a piece of jewelry? 
I like either when a piece is pretty massive and heavy, or super delicate (do not appreciate “in-betweens”) and always pay attention to the gems quality if there are any involved. A jewellery piece has to catch the eye. And, of course, as for my taste, it has to be ugly enough to be beautiful. 

Among all the pieces you have in your jewelry collection which one do you consider as your most valuable item? 
I think, the chaotic luxury ring with small black diamonds means a lot to me. It’s sketch illustration is opening my website and printed on my cards.
What makes INNAN Jewellery distinct from other jewelry brands out there? 

What’s on your Christmas wish last year?
Piece for my Motherland (Ukraine), vacation, some tools and a warm coat.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring jewelry designers out there? 
Experiment, play, but, please, wear safety glasses when solder.
All images courtesy of INNAN Jewellery.

The images represent actual people proudly modeling their respective INNAN Jewellery! I can't wait for mine!

Unlike fast fashion where everything is made fast and instantly, INNAN passionately thrives on literally creating pieces with blood, sweat and tears. Inna proudly creates wearable art that echoes the personality and individuality of its wearer. Ultimately, INNAN jewelry pieces are not just plain jewelry pieces nor objects. It goes without saying that INNAN jewelry is an extension of a person's self materialized through Inna's creative vision. INNAN's timeless, unique and minimalistic designs never go out of fashion. It's like carving a piece of yourself from a piece of silver or gold! Thus, making it a valuable investment. Like wine, it gets better with age. 

A special shout-out to Inna for making this interview possible. I'm extremely excited for your journey. I know it's just the beginning of something great for you. Rest assured I will be supporting you all the way! 

For more information on INNAN please head over to www.innan-jewellery.com and for updates follow INNAN on Instagram via INNANJEWELLERY.

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