It was quite an ordeal to get to the Great Wall of China. It took my boyfriend and I roughly three hours to get to the Mutianyu section of Great Wall, located 70km away from central Beijing. We trekked this part of Great Wall since my boyfriend had been to Badaling, the most famous stretch of the Wall, in the past. So it made more sense to explore a different angle of the Wall.

Here's how we got there. We took the metro to Dongzhimen station from our flat. From there, we transferred to a local bus and got off at Huairou district. Then, hailed a cabbie to Mutianyu. And then, hopped on a tourist shuttle towards the entrance of the park. There was an option of taking a cable car all the way to the beginning of the Wall. But of course, it came with a price tag so we ended up walking from the entrance. It's funny how you think you are perfectly fit. Then, a cardio challenge like this happens and you realize you're out of shape. By the time I got to the Wall, I was literally catching my breath, more or less collapsing. Took a few minutes break and then we started the journey.

  Believe me once you finally set your feet on Great Wall's majestic grounds you will instantly forget all your troubles. Growing up, I always imagined myself one day conquering the Great Wall and the other wonders of the world. Never did I expect that one day it would actually happen. And to make it even more special, Coco, my better half, was there to share that unforgettable, life-changing experience. 

Mutianyu is definitely more relaxed and less crowded than the other parts of Great Wall. So less photobombing incidents occur here compared to Badaling. This explains why I was able to do an entire photo editorial here without getting annoyed with people constantly passing by.

For this particular OOTD, I revived my Paolo Raymundo patchwork tank and paired it with my favorite BLESS giant shorts. It was definitely a challenge to hike in them due to its floor-sweeping length. I tripped a couple of times but nothing major. And lastly, I threw on a traditional Chiongsam jacket to channel my inner China man. Several people took random snaps of me while I was preoccupied posing away. I'm certain they were all intrigued with what was going on at that moment. The crazy things we do sometimes just to have good material for this blog! But in the end, all the brouhaha was worth it!
Top - Paolo Raymundo deconstructed patchwork tank + market find Chiongsam jacket  / Bottom - BLESS giant shorts
Accessories - Damir Doma fez hat / Eyewear - Rigards horn spectacles / Footwear - Martin Margiela sneakers

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