If you are a serious shopper with loads of money to spend, then, most likely you will love Shanghai. It boasts world-class shopping centers with impressive state-of-the-art architecture and fancy Blade Runner-esque interiors. Whether you are looking for luxury labels, fast fashion or high-end knock-offs, I am certain you will find it in Shanghai. Besides, everything these days are made in China whether genuine or not.

Shanghai is fast becoming one of the major fashion capitals in the world. No wonder international brands are marketing their products towards the label-conscious Chinese. As a result, fashion whether designer or not is accessible to everyone. The phenomenal influx of brands ranging from the most prestigious to the most obscure can be attributed to China's fashion awakening. Even local Chinese designers are flexing their muscles to compete with international fashion heavyweights.

It's awesome that a handful of shopping malls in Shanghai dedicate a well-curated section exclusively for local designers. Whenever I am traveling, part of my itinerary is
window-shopping. This is how I discover new brands. This is how I get myself updated with the trends. I also love people-watching. It's probably the fashion voyeur in me that loves to see what people are wearing and buying at the stores. 

One shopping mall in Xintiandi eponymously named Xintiandi Style particularly specializes on independent Chinese designers like Uma Wang (who I personally adore), Content, Matchbox and O2 Life to name a few. Farfetch "superstore" finalist Alter and darkstyle concept store J Gallery are also located within the mall. The Magazine is another place worth visiting. It is a temporary exhibition promoting local designers. And for bargain hunters like me, the IT Outlet is pure heaven. Believe me it's worth the extra trip. I copped a pair of rare navy pleated shorts and a three-layer black tuxedo jacket from past season Comme des Garc├žons Homme Plus. Also, Old Lyric is another shopping mecca for serious vintage avant-garde fashion collectors. Please refer to my previous post for more info regarding this conceptual boutique.

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