One of the things I look forward to whenever I'm traveling is shopping. And without a doubt, Tokyo has the BEST SHOPPING in the entire universe. Whether designer luxury or fast fashion, Tokyo has it all. I particularly get my Japanese designer fix whenever I'm in Japan since retail prices are normally at least 30% cheaper over there. Aside from getting the best deals, the selection is heaps better. Just don't wait til the sale season because most likely your size will be unavailable. If that's the case, then, your best option is to check out consignment stores like Ragtag and Rinkan where you can get pre-loved or past season designer fashion for a fraction of the original price. Once in awhile, you can even find current season pieces since Japanese are known to be ahead of everyone else in fashion. Of course, always bring your passport with you when shopping to instantly avail of the tax refund. No need to settle it at the airport. Japan makes it convenient for everyone. This is why I love Japan.

Enough of the small talk. Come and go shopping with me Tokyo style...

Since I visited a shitload of boutiques in Tokyo I will just enumerate below the ones worth visiting. Click on for more information.

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