My mind was literally blown away the moment I stepped inside Dog, the ultimate next-level DIY (do-it-yourself) concept store located in a hidden basement in Harajuku. It was a challenge to find the store since it didn't have any signage or anything. It took me awhile to finally spot it even with my iPhone's aid. I love the concept of hidden stores only the people-in-the-know knows! It was probably one of the craziest clothing and accessories stores I have ever laid my eyes on. Think vintage leather moto jacket with stud and paint modification or a pair of Air Force 1s tackily painted with Louis Vuitton monogram print. There are also a shitload of reworked stuff that is either suitable for themed parties, fetish balls or perhaps Halloween. But mind you these one-of-a-kind pieces don't come cheap. Like a one-off Moschino Couture gilet adorned with metal pins would set you back for a hefty ¥128,000.

The entire experience was beyond overwhelming. Before I started taking snaps of this joint, I politely asked permission from the staff personnel. Thankfully, they were pretty laid-back. They allowed me to freely explore the place and try on stuff at my convenience. I felt like a little kid inside a candy store. Indeed, this place is the mother of DIY. No wonder even Lady Gaga has fallen in love with Dog! Props to Kai Satake for keeping this place under the radar and worth visiting even after 15 years of existence!

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