Ne-Net's playful and folkloric summer collection somewhat mirrors the child in all of us. Designer Kazuaki Takashima's Wizard of the Oz-like whimsical production props and dreamy pastel color combo brought to life intriguing characters from a children's fairytale book. Influenced by Japanese culture, Takashima effortlessly incorporated typical Japanese traditional clothing such as the geta sandals, cute Japanese masks and the iconic kimono robe to casual Americana numbers to achieve a stylish yet wearable collection. Aside from the graphic prints, Ne-Net also showcased some ├╝ber adorable decorative patches, in the form of animals and faces of people, to upgrade the looks of basic garments, thereby, making it more fun and youthful. And of course, lets not forget about those summer staple denim trousers, dresses and button-downs that can practically be worn with pretty much anything. From the Dora, the Explorer headpiece to the cute monster face clutch, Japanese's close attention to detail is beyond compare. Examine the photos below to 
catch my drift.

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