One of the highlights of my Tokyo trip last year was my discovery of Kita-Kore. Located in the outskirts of central Tokyo, a ramshackle mini-mall housing a handful of obscure boutiques specializing on do-it-yourself fashion has been attracting D-I-Y aficionados from over the world including high-profile celebs such as Pharrell Williams and Lady Gaga for awhile now.

Searching for Kita-Kore was such an ordeal. Thanks to a kind Japanese gentleman in full-Kita-Kore gear I was able to spot the D-I-Y mecca. The good Samaritan turned out to be a boutique owner from Osaka who was doing a pop-up store situation in Tokyo over the weekend. He eagerly showed me his temporary space filled with random nick nacks, a covetable selection of 80s vintage clothing and footwear, some indie Japanese designers from Osaka and some really cool unreleased runway pieces from the likes of Jeremy Scott and Bernhard Willhelm.

Most stores open after lunch so I had to wait for a little bit. The first permanent boutique I visited was Hayatochiri. The store was insane in literal terms. The walls were completely covered with black and white comic strips. It was filled with wacky customized pieces suitable for literally shocking people. The kind of pieces that would cause traffic when you are crossing the street. I did spot a couple of items amongst the pile of stuff that I can actually pull-off. But I decided to pass on buying them after I saw the price tag. Yes, most pieces storewide don't come cheap! But that's understandable considering how much time spent creating something unique and different.

The paparazzi in me couldn't help from snapping away. Since I took so much pics I had to do a separate blog post for my Garter and iLiL experience. In the meantime, here's half of the craziness that is Kita-Kore! Stay tuned for the rest of my story about this D-I-Y heaven following right after this post!

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