I have been to Paris more than any other city, aside from my homeland Manila of course, but I never had the opportunity to extensively explore it not until just recently. So I was extremely giddy when my boyfriend proposed to be my personal tour guide in discovering his motherland. And I am proud to say that since then I have been to at least ten cities in France including the breathtakingly beautiful Étretat, a commune in the Seine-Maritime department located in Normandy, northern part of France.

Frankly, I have never heard of Étretat until my boyfriend mentioned it to me. When we arrived there, together with our friends Marie, Melo and Alice, I was literally dumbfounded. It was beautiful beyond words. Mere photos cannot justify the tranquility it radiates. It is very calming, very therapeutic. 

Most famous for its beautiful cliffs, including three natural arches and the pointed needle, Étretat has been attracting nature-lovers from all over Europe including celebrated French artists such as Boudin, Courbet and Monet.

If you somehow end up in Normandy, I highly suggest that you visit this picturesque sanctuary preferably with a group of friends. The hike may be a bit challenging for inexperienced hikers and mountaineers so I advise a good pair of shoes. Also, bring some water and something to munch on since the hike will be at least two or three hours depending on your hiking pace. Also, be extremely careful since some areas on the trail can be quite slippery and muddy. But believe me every sweat and mud on your shoes is worth it once you have reached the various postcard worthy observatory views!
Top - H&M Studio bomber + Edun knit pullover / Bottom - Christopher Nemeth drop-crotch trousres 
Accessories - Dior Homme motorcycle tote + Eairth beanie / Footwear - Converse sneakers

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