Last year, my boyfriend surprised me with a spontaneous romantic three-night getaway in Venezia for my birthday. Although, we scheduled it a week after the grueling Paris and Copenhagen fashion weeks, we still had a blast. It was off-peak season so he was able to score cheap airfare tickets and reasonably-priced accommodations via Airbnb. When we arrived to Venice, we took a ferry that dropped us near our lovely Venetian apartment. And from there, we walked about five minutes to our apartment. I have been to Venice once with my Mom and Dad and believe me the city surrounded with water looked even better during winter time. It was more relaxed and more romantic without a doubt. Very few obnoxious Chinese tourists in sight for sure! 

On our first day, we wandered around the city without looking at the map provided by our gracious Airbnb host. Getting lost is indeed an excellent way to discover new places. So we allowed our curiosity navigate this magical place. In between pit stops, we adventurously sampled various cicchetti, a seasonal menu of Italian small plates while enjoying a glass of vino or a shot of espresso. Both my boyfriend and I are avid Italian cuisine aficionados so you can imagine how eager we were to try everything from various pastas to mouth-watering Italian pastries in ├╝ber chic presentation. 

Since both the boyfie and I are both art connoisseurs, we made it to a point to visit two museums while in Venice. Vitraria Glass Museum is known for its impressive permanent glass collection. Aside from this, an interesting accessories temporary exhibition was also on display which included some cool pieces from world renowned artists like Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama and Keith Haring to name a few. We also visited Peggy Guggenheim’s contemporary art museum showcasing a must-see Jackson Pollock temporary exhibition. There was also a free tour about the life of Peggy Guggenheim that we eagerly joined.

Other highlights of this trip included a visit to the Rialto Bridge, San Marco Basillica and some other random free museums we came across.

Arrivederci Venezia! 
It was absolutely an unforgettable trip thanks to my other half of course. Can't wait to experience you again!

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